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Plate Feeder

Product features:This machine is made of heavy steel corrugated type track, chain plate loading, conveyor chain, bearing strength, don't skid. Mainly used for conveying for bulk solid materials, continuous uniform feeding, speed adjustable, the operation is convenient. It has advantage of quanti

Product introduction

Product features:

The machine is made of heavy steel corrugated track,chain board material,conveyor chain transmission,bearing capacity,not slippery.Mainly used for conveying large solid materials,feeding continuous and uniform,adjustable speed,easy to operate.With the advantages of quantitative transmission,no leakage,is to achieve an indispensable automated production equipment.

Second, the technical parameters:

DateUnits of measBGL800BGL1000
Production capacitym³/h40-7060-100
Chain work widthmm8001000
Overall dimensionmm4700×2200×16004900×2600×1650